In this portfolio I present you my work in the fields of design, photography and art. Among them are many study and fun projects. At the same time, new updates of customer orders and new works follow regularly. Through a versatile insight of my previous works I show you both my craftsmanship and graphic skills.

My portfolio is split in four categories:

Graphic Design – Customer projects & all other graphical works

Art & Illustration –  Artworks & illustrations, some of them are painted as original on Etsy – others as prints on Society6

Photography – Old & New photography projects, mainly made in my free time

University Projects – Works out of my time at university

These big categories are also divided into several smaller subcategories to ensure a better overview for you.

I like to try new things and I also enjoy participating in exciting projects! So contact me if you have an idea for a collaboration! I am always happy about new contacts 🙂

Portfolio gefuehltefarben

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Here you can also gain a little insight into my current work and at the same time follow me if you want to!