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It has been quite a while since the exhibition “Hoftexplosion” took place for the fourth time in the halls of the company Hoftex – 05. to 07.10.2018 to be exact. Until today I have not been able to write my review and present you some photos. But maybe it is also good that a little time has passed and you can once again remember this event in bliss and joy.

Well, I’ll start from the beginning – with the process of preparations. In contrast to the previous year, I wanted to give myself much more effort this time at my stand and make it as good as I could. It was important to me that my pictures could work. As I already announced a while ago, I decided to specialize more in art and graphic design. Of course I still make photographs but rather to make something artistic out of it.

Even during construction, the hall had this typical creative atmosphere. Everyone helped each other where necessary. In each corner was still someone painting or working. We laughed together a lot. Already here the anticipation was felt – so only a great weekend could come!

My Place at the Hoftexplosion 4

The following pictures where made with my smartphone and not further worked on.

A few pictures of the construction phase. The whole week I rotated. I made flyers at short notice, which I was able to get printed at the print shop PRINTit in Hof at very short notice. Great result by the way!
Throughout the week I’ve been photographing my new artwork to renew my Etsy-Shop, integrating new products into my Shop at Society6 and translating my website into English (not all is ready and available yet).
Quite often I was at the hardware store or in the city to get something back – picture frames, staples, paper, nails, etc.

Admittedly, at the end of the week I was really tired and yet full of anticipation for the opening. It was worth it!

The response and the warmth of the visitors were overwhelming for me. When I think back I am still happy about every single feedback, every encouragement. I’m glad that I was told I should never stop and my pictures have a soul. To hear something like that is good! It motivates one. Thanks again to all visitors who may read this post!

When I say that this event and its atmosphere was simply incomparable I’m sure many artists and maybe even visitors will agree with me. The Hoftexplosion is an event for everyone: young, old, artists, art lovers, music lovers, etc.
The concert by Aleeza Lynn was the perfect end for a wonderful weekend full of joy.
Like every year the organizational team has been working hard for months and doing great things. Planned, advertised, built and organized for hours. Thank you for doing this every year!


At my booth there was also a new canvas each day that was free to paint. Here are some evolutionary pictures of these canvases. Totally funny what happened over the day!

Impressions from the hall 
& other artists at the Hoftexplosion 4

The following pictures where made with my smartphone and not further worked on.

Most of the photos I did when not so much visit was in the hall. The other time I was very busy talking to the other artists, friends or even great visitors at my booth.



A few of the artists who were there. Of course there were many more great people there!

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