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After a creative and exciting weekend at the Hoftexplosion 3 I get back with a post! I do not really know if the category “everyday life” fits with it or if  the post fits better into “news” or “projects” better. But that does not really matter because somehow it’s all about life.

First of all – what is the Hoftexplosion actually? Namely a colorful arts and culture festival which has been organized here in Hof for 3 years now. Here is a big compliment to all the volunteers who are doing this great event and how perfect it has become this year! Thanks to you! Thank you for giving us artists, illustrators, painters or whatever the chance to exhibit here.

As mentioned, the festival is colorful – young artists presenting themselves for the first time alongside already experienced artists. There was this year in addition to the many really cool pictures again the fair-made clothing of Statement. You could watch Martha of Copper Cauldron Art making her fine handmade jewellery and a lot of other artists working on some projects. There was handmade music, DJs, on Saturday a big party and on Sunday a graduation from Patrick Salmen & Jonas David with music and slam poetry.

I was with a small exhibition of my art at the Hoftexplosion 3 this year. There I presented photography, painting and a few stitched ♥ piece models. The impressions of the weekend were so different that I needed a little time to process until today. There were so many nice people, great talks and a lot of fun. During the whole hustle and bustle I did not have much time to take (good) pictures. Which is why I put a few more links under my pictures to give you a great impression.

Hoftexplosion 3

Noch ein paar Links:

Artikel: Frankenpost

Veranstaltung Hoftexplosion 3 – hier gibts auch viele Fotos und Links

Sehr tolle Fotos von RauLinse Photography: Album

A few of the artists:


Colorporn – Art Expressions

Kathrin Schörner Arts.

Dominik Franke


I would be happy if you leave your impressions as artists, visitors or organizers under the post, so that a good impression and talk is created here! If you also think of another artists (there were a lot of them), you can also link them in the comments – so I can extend my list here 🙂

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